About Burr Abrador

    The Burr Abrador Deburring Disc was introduced in 1985 in response to
the need for better value in abrasive filament deburring discs. Burr Abrador
pioneered tufted abrasive filament deburring discs with a rigid engineered
plywood backing. The Burr Abrador construction proved so durable that it now
sets the standard for performance and value in abrasive filament disc
    Our value is more than just the product performance and price. Price and
performance must be combined with a commitment to customer service to
create a true win-win relationship. It is Burr Abrador's goal to, first, provide
the lowest per piece cost based on price and performance. Then, second,
back that up with an outstanding commitment to the individual customers needs.

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Customer Service

Our Customer Service excels in the following areas:



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